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Join now our ambassador program.


Earn money with commissions

You’ll be given a custom and unique discount code that you will be able to share with your community, friends, and family. Each time your discount code will be used, you will earn a $10 commission. It’s that simple!


Exclusive gifts & discounts

You will always benefit from exclusive discounts and secret gifts. To be honest, enrolling in our Ambassador Program is basically like living Christmas every month.


For doing what you love

You can now apply for sponsorships. Whether you are an artist, an athlete, or someone trying to achieve something we believe in, feel free to contact us.


To all-inclusive HYPURE HOLIDAYS

We organize HYPURE HOLIDAYS every year. No matter where you’re from and how many followers you have. All expenses (flights, hotels, etc.) are covered by us. You will have the chance to meet other creators and enjoy your time with our team!


Literally anyone, really. We don’t care how many followers you have, we don’t care where you come from, we don’t care how old you are. All we care about is growing this community and giving a chance to as many people as possible to get themselves affordable tech by spreading the word as much as possible.

How does it work?

1) Apply to be a HYPURE Ambassador
2) Receive your special discount code
3) Promote the brand on your social media
4) Earn money on every order using your code
5) Be a millionaire!

If you have any questions, just send us an email at collaborations@hypure.com

Aren’t quite sure yet? Let us convince you.

  • You will have a chance each month to be the lucky winner of our monthly giveaway.
  • Our monthly top 5 ambassadors will be rewarded up to $500.
  • You will earn money each time your personal discount code will be used.
  • You will have a chance of joining our annual all-inclusive HYPURE HOLIDAYS
  • You are 100% free of how and where you want to promote HYPURE.

Collaborating with HYPURE also means working with a responsible brand, committed to the preservation of our planet and our future. We are committed to offsetting our carbon dioxide emissions by planting a tree for each product sold. Thus, by collaborating with HYPURE, you contribute to have a positive impact on the environment.